God graciously allows us to get a foretaste of heaven here on earth.  It is only just a little nibble, but quite delightful.  It takes place in the worship and the love and the service of God’s people together here on earth.  And that’s why the body of Christ, the Church, is so important for anybody and everybody who calls themselves a Christian or a follower of Jesus Christ.  Because it is among God’s people where we are to be reminded of the hope that we have for eternity.  And what is that hope?  It’s the sure hope of a place where there will be no more sin, no more pain, no more divorce, nor adultery, nor fighting, nor cancer, nor poverty, nor pride, nor death!  And the list goes on.  But it’s a place where we will dwell in the light of Christ forever.  It’s a place where the former things of this life will have passed away and sin will be no more.  That is what we hope for and it is laid up in heaven where Christ is.

Missionary Minute

There was once a presbyterian missionary from Scotland named John Paton.  In the mid-1800s he went to the islands off the coast of Australia called the New Hebrides.  An interesting thing about the people of the New Hebrides in those days is that they were practicing cannibals.  In other words, they liked to eat people.  But, this brave young man named John Paton wanted to go there and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  And so, he went there and learned their language and preached the Word of God to these people. Continue reading


Do you pray for your pastor?  Do you pray for your elders?  Your deacons?  Do you want faithful and godly leadership?  Then you must know that you have a part Continue reading