The Fruit Reveals the Heart (Matthew 12:33-37)




Pastor Scott Floyd

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Main Idea: An honest examination of our speech reveals the great need to repent and rest upon the transforming grace of the Holy Spirit and the perfect righteousness of Christ alone.

1)    It’s Either Good or Bad (v 33)

2)    Words Say It All (v 34)

3)    What’s Your Treasure Like (v 35)

4)    Words are Evidence on Judgment Day (vv 36-37)


Jesus’ Line in the Sand (Matthew 12:22-32)




Pastor Scott Floyd

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Main Idea:  By God’s grace, Christians are willing to repent of unbiblical beliefs and ungodly attitudes as we stand amazed at our Savior.

1)    Jesus is the Messiah (vv 22-23)

2)    A Ludicrous Accusation (vv 24-26)

3)    An Inconsistent Accusation (v 27)

4)    God’s Kingdom is On The Move (vv 28-29)

5)    No Middle Ground (v 30)

6)    Repent and Believe (vv 31-32)


The Suffering Servant

We have a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is so very patient with us.  How many times has your faith in Him faltered?  How often has your love for Him grown cold or dull?  How often have you struggled with doubt?  How often have you fallen back into some sin that you thought was conquered long ago?  If we are honest Continue reading