“Saving Faith” (Acts 16:25-34)


Pastor Scott Floyd

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Main Idea: Saving faith is the work of the Lord in the heart of a sinner who believes the truth of the gospel and receives and rest upon Christ alone for salvation.

1) Believing What the Bible Says

2) Receiving and Resting in Christ

a) Who He Is

b) What He Did


“Great Faith” (Matthew 15:21-28)


Pastor Scott Floyd

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Main Idea: God gives His people the gift of faith which leads them to know and believe that Jesus is Lord and Messiah.

1) Faith Takes Needy Sinners to Jesus (vv 21-22)

2) Faith Endures the Test of Silence (vv 23-24)

3) Faith Accepts the Will of the Good Master (vv 25-27)

4) Faith is Acknowledged by Jesus (v 28)


“It’s A Matter of The Heart” (Matthew 15:10-20)


Pastor Scott Floyd

Sunday, April 13, 2013

Main Idea: A Christian will confess the sins of the heart and the need for the cleansing blood of Christ rather than trust in his outward forms of worship to be right with God.

1) Defilement is Not From the Outside (vv 10-11)

2) Avoid Pharisacial Teaching (vv 12-14)

3) Learn From Jesus’ Teaching (vv 15-16)

4) Defilement Comes From the Heart (vv 17-20)