For the Lord’s Day 2.1.15

Dear Covenant Church Family,

Y’all are getting this a day early this week because of the South Texas Presbytery meeting in Bryan, TX this Friday and Saturday.  Tim, Gama, and myself will be leaving early tomorrow morning.  We would appreciate your prayers!  And don’t forget that Gama will be thoroughly examined in committee and then before the full presbytery.  If there are no problems, and I anticipate none, then his credentials as a minister of the gospel will be transferred from his current presbytery in Mexico to the South Texas presbytery.  We will then set a date in the near future to install him as our Associate Pastor/Church Planter at Covenant.

Hymns for worship:

Arise, my Soul, Arise

Be Thou My Vision

Behold the Lamb

The Creed of Timothy

Sermon Outline:

Children of God

1 John 2:28-3:3

 Main Idea: God restores His own righteous image in His children.

1)  God’s Children Abide In Christ (vv 28-29)

 2)  God’s Children Marvel at His Love (v 1)

 3)  God’s Children Will Be Like Christ (v 2)

 4)  God’s Children Purify Themselves (v 3)

See you on the Lord’s Day,

pastor scott

For the Lord’s Day 1.25.15

Dear Covenant Church Family,

The following is a quote from “The Gospel Driven Life” which is written by Michael Horton. And, by the way, I would recommend anything that he writes as good reading material.

“The first of (Martin) Luther’s Ninety-five Theses states, ‘Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, in saying ‘Repent ye,’ etc., intended that the whole life of believers should be penitence.’ The Spirit brings us to repentance by convicting us of sin by the law, the gospel leads us to faith in Christ, and this faith produces within us a hatred of our sin and a craving for righteousness. Since our tendency even as believers is still to turn back toward ourselves and trust in our repentance, we must be driven again to despair of our righteousness as well as our sins by the law and cling to Christ. Therefore, this is not a once and for all transition from legal repentance to faith in Christ to evangelical repentance, but a perpetual cycle that defines the Christian life.”

Hymns for Worship:
#92 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (Based on Psalm 46)
#461 Not What My Hands Have Done
#181 We Come, O Christ, to You

Sermon Outline:

“Rebels Who Repent”
Matthew 21:28-32

Main Idea: Christians respond to Christ’s authority with a life of repentance and faith.

1) A Father’s Authority

2) A Repentant Son

3) A Hypocritical Son

4) A Repentant People

5) A Hypocritical People

May God Bless you all,
pastor scott

For the Lord’s Day 1.18.15

Dear Covenant Church Family,
This is a reminder that tomorrow after the worship service we will have our annual congregational meeting.  We will begin our meeting 10 minutes after the worship service and my guess is that our meeting will take approximately 30 minutes.  So, please make preparations to attend.  We have (3) items on our agenda.  First, we will review our finances for the year 2014 and present the budget for 2015.  Second, we will review the changes to the membership roll from 2014.  And lastly, we will vote to elect an associate pastor/church planter.
Hymns for Worship:
Lord, Protect Your People – Psalm 14
On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand
Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder
Sermon Outline:
Honoring Our Parents
Exodus 20:12-17
1)  To Whom are We Called to Honor?
2)  How can We Honor Them?
3)  Why Should We Honor Them?
May God Bless you all,
pastor scott

For the Lord’s Day 1.11.15

Dear Church Family,

If any of you are looking for a good source for church news and theological articles you can check out this site:

It is updated each day with approximately 8-10 new articles.

hymns for worship:

#369 Shout, for the Blessed Jesus Reigns

#486 God, Be Merciful to Me (from Psalm 51:1-15)

#181 We Come, O Christ, to You

Sermon Outline:

“Jesus Demands a Response”

Matthew 21:23-32

Main Idea:  Believing that Jesus is who He says He is, Christians submit to His authority with a life of repentance and faith.

1)  Recognizing and Submitting to His Authority (vv 23-27)

 2)  Responding with a Life of Repentance and Faith (vv 28-32)

May God bless you,

pastor scott

For the Lord’s Day 1.4.15

Dear Covenant Church Family,

A new year has arrived.  It’s 2015!!  Along with that comes all of the “Bible in a Year Reading Plans.”  Check out the following link to see a few of ’em…

Why don’t you pick one and read?  There are a lot of good reasons to read God’s Word.

Jesus prayed like this in John 17:17:  “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.”

Psalm 119:11 says:  I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.

Paul said this in 2 Timothy 3:16-17:  All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.

How’s that for just a few?

Hymns for Worship:

#64 God, the Lord, a King Remaineth

#55 To God Be the Glory

#427 Amidst Us Our Beloved Stands

#726 Spirit of the Living God

Sermon Outline:

“If You Have Faith”

Matthew 21:18-22

 Main Idea:  A warning and an encouragement to all who profess faith in God.

1)  Faith that is Fruitful for God’s Glory (vv 18-19)

 2)  Faith that Trusts in God (vv 20-21)

 3)  Faith that Prays to God (v 22)

May God Bless you,

pastor scott