For the Lord’s Day 6.25.17

Dear Covenant Church Family,

We have a couple of events coming up very soon.  Please mark them on your calendar.  More details are forthcoming this Sunday, June 25, at the worship service.

July 1-3:  Our missionaries to Honduras, John and Kathy Clow, will be with us for the weekend.  Come and hear what the Lord is doing in Honduras during our church-wide Sunday School hour on July 2.  I think there will also be something happening with ice cream that evening.  Also, you can check out this site:

July 4:  Church-wide get together at the O’Brien’s place in the evening.

TBA:  Pastor Gama and Elder Tim will give the General Assembly Report on an upcoming Wednesday evening.  More information forthcoming.

Hymns for Worship:

#101 Come, Thou Almighty King

#693 Blessed Assurance

On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand (Miner)

Pastor Scott’s Sermon Outline:

“Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled”

John 14:1-14

Main Idea:  Jesus alone is our sure way through the troubles of this life and onward to our Father’s House.

1)  Jesus Is The Way To The Father’s House (vv 1-7)

2)  Jesus Shows Us The Father (vv 8-11)

3)  Jesus Works Now Through Us (vv 12-14)

May God bless you,

pastor scott

For the Lord’s Day 6.18.17

Dear Covenant Church Family,

The following is a quote from Ray Stedman:

“The world lives by what it thinks is truth, by values and standards which are worthless, but which the world esteems highly.  Jesus said, ‘What is exalted among men is an abomination in the sight of God’ (Lk. 16:15)… How can we live in that kind of a world–touch it and hear it, having it pouring into our ears and exposed to our eyes day and night, and not be conformed to its image and squeezed into its mold? The answer is, we must know the truth.  We must know the world and life the way God sees it, the way it really is.  We must know it so clearly and strongly that even while we’re listening to these alluring lies we can brand them as lies and know that they are wrong.”

– James Montgomery Boice, Foundations of the Christian FaithIntervarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL, 1986, pp. 580.

Hymns for Worship:

#580 Lead on, O King Eternal

#485 O Thou That Hear’st When Sinners Cry

How Deep the Father’s Love for Us (Townend)

Pastor Scott’s Sermon Outline:

“Truth and Error”

1 John 4:1-6

Main Idea:  Christians are led by the Spirit of God in discerning truth from error.

1)  Christians Don’t Believe Everything (v 1)

2)  Christians Ask Hard Questions (vv 2-3)

3)  Christians Have Overcome False Teaching (vv 4-5)

4)  Christians Believe The Bible (v 6)

May God bless you,

pastor scott

For the Lord’s Day 6.11.17

Dear Covenant Church Family,

I am running late on the post this week.  We just got back from Middle School Summer Youth Camp in Hawkins, TX last night!  It was a great time.  Looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow to worship our God together!

Hymns for Worship:

#302 Come, Christians, Join to Sing

#253 There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood

#719 A Christian Home

Pastor Scott’s Sermon Outline:

“Children of The Kingdom of Heaven”

Matthew 19:13-15

Main Idea:  The importance of bringing our children to Jesus.

1)  Bring the Children

2)  Welcome the Children

3)  Jesus Love the Little Children

4)  Jesus Blesses the Little Children

5)  To Such Belongs the Kingdom of Heaven

May God bless you,

pastor scott

For the Lord’s Day 6.4.17

Dear Covenant Church Family,

“Are Satan, the world, and the flesh, all against you?  Be not discouraged nor dismayed.  Fight on!  For God Himself is with you; Jehovah Nissi is your banner, and Jehovah Rophi is the healer of your wounds.  Fear not, you shall overcome, for who can defeat Omnipotence?  Fight on, ‘looking unto Jesus;’ and though long and stern be the conflict, sweet will be the victory, and glorious the promised reward.”

-Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Hymns for Worship:

#295 Crown Him With Many Crowns

#461 Not What My Hands Have Done

Behold the Lamb (Getty, Townend)

The Creed of Timothy (Nathan Clark George)

Pastor Scott’s Sermon Outline:

“Food For Life”

John 6:22-29

Main Idea:  Christians seek Jesus by faith for He alone is the food that leads to eternal life.

1)  Seeking For Perishables (vv 22-26)

2)  Laboring For What Is Eternal (v 27)

3)  Believing In Jesus (vv 28-29)

May God bless you,

pastor scott