For the Lord’s Day 8.27.17

Dear Covenant Church Family,

Our great God has made some great promises to us which are all yes and amen in Jesus Christ.  Is there anything too hard for the Lord?  No, nothing.  See you Sunday…

Hymns for Worship:

#369 Shout, for the Blessed Jesus Reigns

Abide With Me (words: Lyte, Music: Justin Smith)

O Great God (Fernando Ortega and Mac Powell)

Pastor Scott’s Sermon Outline:

“Believing the God Who Can!  Part II”

Genesis 18:1-15

Main Idea:  Our God can do… and will do… all that He promises to do.

1)  The Three Men by the Oaks (vv 1-2a)

2)  Can I Bring You a Little Something? (vv 2b-5)

3)  Abraham and Sarah Serve Up a Feast (vv 6-8)

4)  The Lord Restates the Promise of a Son (vv 9-10)

5)  Sarah Struggles to Believe (vv 11-12)

6)  Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord? (vv 13-15)

May God bless you,

pastor scott

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